The Health Insurance Marketplace
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The Health Insurance Marketplace is an extraordinary opportunity for subsidy eligible individuals and part time employees to obtain health insurance at a low cost in many scenarios.

Preferred Health Insurance Solutions ( makes it easy for individuals to enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace. If engaged, your employees will have a clear outline and understanding with regards to the Government Premium Subsidies and coverage options available, including assistance with enrolling if the individual so desires.

Preferred Health Insurance employer assistance

Through our hands-on process of:

  • Department Meetings
  • One on One
  • Group Presentations

We can help you make sense of it all!

COBRA Alternative

COBRA enrollees roughly costs companies 54% more in claims than active employees.
COBRA enrollees costs employers $11,000 in annual costs (versus $7,204 for the average active worker).

source: spencer's benefits report

If you are one of the many employers who are looking to discontinue group health insurance coverage or have a large volume of employees who will be separated from your company benefits due to termination or reduction in hours, we have the solution for you.

As a result of terminations, most employees are provided the opportunity to keep their employer-sponsored health coverage for a limited time through COBRA Continuation Health coverage. However, COBRA can be a costly alternative for both the employer and the employee. takes a three-step approach to work with your employee to help them consider alternative health insurance options provided by the Marketplace:

  1. We will review with the employee the COBRA benefit plan and associated costs for maintaining that coverage.
  2. We will educate the employee on the comparison of plan and pricing for COBRA coverage versus coverage available to them through the health insurance marketplace.
  3. We will assist the employee with securing a marketplace plan, which will likely provide lower overall costs for both the employer and the employee.

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Calculate Your Subsidy!

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Benefits to the Employer:

  • There is $0 premium cost to the employer
  • You will be providing a valuable service to your part time and/or subsidy eligible employees
  • Avoid lack of employee productivity due to water cooler speculation. Employees will be provided with answers, direction and consultation.
  • You will build goodwill with your employees by providing access to an expert who can help them obtain affordable coverage!